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Care instructions

 Organic linen clothes  should be washed by the washing machine in a gentle mode, it is better with the use of a special bag for washing.

To avoid shrinkage of the product, it is advisable not to exceed the temperature of 40 degrees Celsius when washing. Although sometimes before reveal I wash linen, so You do not worry about the shrinkage of the finished product. This point is desirable to discuss in advance.

It is advisable to Use detergents for natural fabrics, do not use chlorine-containing and bleaching!

White products are allowed to be washed at water temperatures up to 95 degrees Celsius, but it is possible to shrink the product 2-4 %.

  For white products allowed the use of soft bleaching agents.

 Dry the product should be carefully straightened for easier smoothing.

 Iron the product in a slightly damp state at a temperature of not more than 200 grams. centigrade.

  I would like to add that often products made of this beautiful material are ignored by buyers very unfairly. Reason: badly wrinkled and poorly ironed. Yes, products from flax have this feature which, however, does not spoil them at all, and even on the contrary, adds them a certain charm. I myself go all summer in linen clothes and do not feel any inconvenience about it. What and all wish! After all, flax is an amazing, wonderful and very native material.

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